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Georgia: Peach State

CAPITAL: Atlanta
JOINED UNION: January 2, 1788
STATE BIRD: Brown Thrasher
STATE FLOWER: Cherokee Rose
MEANING OF STATE NAME: Named for King George II of England
1992 POPULATION: 6,751,404
LAND AREA: 57,919 square miles
ECONOMY: Peanuts, processed chicken, home of Coca-Cola, communications, lumber  specializing in resin from pine trees.
HISTORY: Home to Guale and Muskagee Indians, Georgia was explored by Hernando de Sotofor Spain and then settled by the British under General James Oglethorpe in 1733. Strongly Confederate during the Civil War, Georgia suffered much devastation. Atlanta was burned to the ground by Union troops under General Sherman, who then razed a 60-mile-wide swath of the state while marching to Savannah on the sea.

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

The largest US military transport, Lockheed's C-5 also ranks as one of the largest aircraft in the world. Capable of carrying payloads of more than 100 tons over intercontinental distances, it has become an important link between the United States and the rest of the world. Though exceptionally large and heavy, its sophisticated landing gear allows it to set down on relatively unprepared surfaces to deliver manpower, weapons, or machinery to remote sites. Its massive
hinged nose allows large vehicles, such as army tanks, to drive on and off without external assistance of any kind. Over 100 C-5s in two different models remain in active Air Force service.

Country: United States of America
Manufacturer: Lockheed
Designation: C-5 Galaxy
Type: Cargo
Service Dates: 1968 to present
Length: 247'-9.5"
Wingspan: 222'-8.5"
Height: 65'-1.25"
Empty Weight: 374,000 lbs
Gross Weight: 837,000 lbs
Maximum Speed: 571 mph
Maximum Range: 7,665 miles
Maximum Altitude: 35,750 ft
Number of Crew: 5 + passengers and cargo
Engine Type: Turbofan
Engine Manufacturer: General Electric
Engine Designation: TF-39 x 4
Engine Thrust: 41,100 lbs

The Golfer With an Army

1950s to 1960s

AUGUSTA, Georgia
No golfer in history ever had a more loyal or enthusiastic following than Arnold Palmer, and few had a more successful career. Like Babe Ruth in baseball and Red Grange in football, Palmer added a human quality and an undefinable charisma that made his sport accessible to the masses and paved the way for the big-money bonanza that followed. The way he would hitch up his trousers and attack a hole with hellbent ferocity endeared him to the legion of Palmer fans who were dubbed "Arnie's Army," and which follow him to this day in his successful stints on the Seniors Tour.

Palmer's first big splash came in 1958, when he won the Masters title, followed by the US Open and another Masters victory in 1960. For the next five years he was at the top of the sport, winning four more majors, capped by a six-stroke victory over Jack Nicklaus in the '64 Masters. In 1963, Palmer became the first player to top $100,000 in earnings in a single season, and his second-place finish in the 1968 PGA championship pushed him over the million dollar mark, another golfing first.



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