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Enter Fort Scott, Kansas

Kansas: Sunflower State

JOINED UNION: January 29, 1861
STATE BIRD: Western Meadowlark
MEANING OF STATE NAME: From the Sioux Indian for "south wind people"
1992 POPULATION: 2,522,574
LAND AREA: 81,823 square miles
ECONOMY: Aircraft manufacture, wheat, processed foods, farm machinery, livestock
HISTORY: Part of the Sioux Nation, Indians were roaming Kansas' plains with the buffalo for years before Spanish explorer Francisco de Coronado visited the area in 1541. Part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, Kansas was explored by Lewis and Clark a few years later. The Santa Fe and Oregon Trails wove through Kansas and gave rise to the settlements of Forts Leavenworth, Scott, and Riley. A divided state over slavery, so much violence occurred in Kansas just before
the Civil War that it got the nickname of Bleeding Kansas. Construction of the railroads in the late 1800s made Kansas' cities Abilene and Dodge City the end of Texas cattle drives and the point of departure for cattle to Chicago meatpacking houses.

Beef: Sunday Night Dinner 1850


Here, in the middle of America, is the source of food that has been the staple of the American diet for years. Kansas City is home to the world's largest cattle stockyards, the source of beef for much of the world. It is to Kansas City that all those lonesome cowboys on the range were headed with their herds in the days of the Old West and it is the destination of many modern cattle ranchers as well.

While today much of America has become concerned with eating less red meat, for many years a juicy roast beef was the standard Sunday night dinner for middle-class Americans. Served with steamed vegetables and potatoes laced with butter, the beef roast stood for the solid American family and home. At a time when almost all middle-class households had two parents, Sunday evening was a time for the family to be together and for the father to stand at the end of the table
and carve the roast.

Roast Beef Recipe

4 pound rolled rib or sirloin-tip, Prime grade (figure 2-3 servings per pound) Preheat oven to 550 degrees. Have roast at room temperature and place fat side up on rack in shallow greased roasting pan. Put into oven and reduce heat to 350 degrees (use a meat thermometer, if possible). Cook for 20 minutes per pound for medium rare, a little longer if your roast is rolled.

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