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Vermont: Green Mountain State

CAPITAL: Montpelier
JOINED UNION: March 4, 1791
STATE BIRD: Hermit Thrush
MEANING OF STATE NAME: Based on "verts monts," French for green mountains
1992 POPULATION: 569,784
LAND AREA: 9,249 square miles
ECONOMY: Maple syrup, tourism, dairy, furniture, computer parts, fishing rods, quarrying of marble and granite
HISTORY: Home to Mohawk Indians, among others, Samuel de Champlain explored Vermont in 1609 and claimed it for France. After the French and Indian War, England took control of the region. Vermont was the first state outside of the original 13 colonies to join the Union. Today, Vermont is a major ski center on the East Coast.

Small-Town America Scenes 1894


Although born and educated in New York City, Norman Rockwell lived much of his life in a small Vermont town and became famous for his illustrations showing human -- and often humorous -- situations from such small towns.

Rockwell was born in 1894, and studied at the Chase School of Art, the National Academy of Design, and the Art Students League. When many of his peers made art in the emerging styles of Picasso and abstract artists, Rockwell put his skills into realistic art with sentimental feelings.

Rockwell became famous and very popular for his cover illustrations for "The Saturday Evening Post" magazine. Showing such scenes as a small boy's visit to the family doctor and people saying grace before a meal, Rockwell embraced middle-class America and its values. This, while most American artists shunned the life and values of middle-class America, for the "sophistication" of major cities like New York.

Rockwell died in 1978.

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