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Del Monte Foods is the largest producer of

canned fruits and vegetables in the United States.

Del Monte Foods Plant #108, Cambria, Wisconsin.  


Del Monte Foods

Vegetable Processing Plant #108
PO Box 237

Cambria,  Wisconsin  53923-0237   USA


Mon thru Fri: 7 am to Noon & 1 pm to 3 pm

Central Time Zone 
(920) 282-5023

E-Mail Human Resources at Cambria

Del Monte corporate offices are located in San Francisco, California.

Plant #108 is located in Cambria, Wisconsin.

Del Monte Foods, Plant 108, Vegetable Canning Facility, Cambria, Wisconsin


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For Information about Employment Opportunities

at Cambria Plant 108,


Amy Wolter,

 Human Resources - Cambria

(920) 282-5021

Del Monte is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D

Seasonal Employee, Family Living Facility


Cambria Plant 108:


Covers 377 acres.


Production Area of 46,000 square feet.


Warehousing Space of 60,000 square feet On-Site.


Warehousing Space of 276,000 square feet Off-Site.

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Del Monte Company!



Cambria Plant 108 employs:



Cambria Plant 108 packs these products:


14 Salaried Employees.


32 Maintenance Mechanics.


280 Seasonal Employees.


Del Monte Foods is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Green Beans


Whole Kernel Corn



Cambria Plant 108 History:


The Cambria facility was constructed in 1920 by the newly organized Columbia Canning Company.


Consolidated Foods purchased the plant in 1953.


In 1963 Consolidated Foods merged with the Michigan Fruit Company.


The Warehouse, Field Shop and Corn Building were constructed during the 1960ís.


The Larsen Company purchased the facility in 1973 and constructed the Bean Building in 1974 to begin bean production.


Dean Foods purchased the plant in 1986, increased the corn processing capacity and installed new equipment in 1997.


Agrilink Foods purchased the canning factory in 1998.


Del Monte Foods purchased the Cambria Facility in 1999 and upgraded two phases of the bean production processes and equipment in 2000 and 2001.  





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Del Monte Foods is a corporate citizen of Cambria, Wisconsin, and sponsors the Web presence for the Village of Cambria.


After visiting here, the employees of Plant 108 encourage you to visit the Village of Cambria Web page!



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