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End of the Trail Candy Shoppe is located on Main Street on the east side of Waupun, Wisconsin, near Hwy 151 at the Hwy 49 exit. Yummy hand-made chocolates, coffees, drinks, caramel apples, candy, nuts, ice cream, crafts, and much more!

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If you are seeking the finest in hand-made chocolates with a taste so delicious it almost defies description with mere will not reach the end of your quest...nor will you reach Utopia...until you visit and delight at the...

End of the Trail Candy Shoppe,LLC

Steve Guth, Proprietor

End of the Trail Candy Shoppe, LLC

928 East Main Street

Waupun, WI 53963


Phone: 920-324-3331

Fax: 920-324-4322


Hours:    Monday thru Friday 7am to 7pm

Saturday 8am to 6pm

Sunday 9am to 6pm

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Open Daily for your convenience. Seven days each week, all year round. Stop in and enjoy one or more of the wide variety of treats we offer. You will feel welcome in our comfortable and old fashion motif. Our walls and cases are filled with handmade crafts and sweet chocolates, hard candies, and nuts...tasty goodness surrounds you! Delicious coffees, cappuccinos, and smoothies will get you off to a bright day...or give you the opportunity to unwind at anytime.

          Stop in...

 ...and taste for yourself.


Three Generations of Excellence

We are the third generation of praiseworthy candy makers with a world-wide reputation for home made chocolates. End of the Trail Candy Shoppe, LLC is a new name to combine local tradition with our age old history of quality confections. We use only the best ingredients. No preservatives added.


Why Shop at the

End of the Trail Candy Shoppe, LLC?


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Grab A Friend...Sit...And Enjoy!!


Surround yourself with the sweet smell of chocolate in the air. Relax and savor the tastes of the many different coffees, cappuccinos, or other delicious drinks we offer. Have some ice cream, sink your teeth into a caramel apple, chocolates, hard candies, or any other treat that you so desire!!


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What Makes Our Candy

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Bet You Can't Guess What We Do!!


This is the Chocolate Coating Machine,

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Crafts & Candies


Take a look around at the crafts that are available for sale, in two showrooms!! All hand made for around the house, Christmas, Birthdays, and more!!




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